Fiberglass Fly Rods - a definitive guide and very interesting read.

I am very pleased to have been included in this excellent publication about the world of glass rods  Fiberglass Fly Rods by Victor R Johnson Jr is recommended reading for those wanting to learn more about the development and evolution of the modern glass rod. There are some great contributions from Fellow rod makers as well as some shared secret fishing locations around the world. Thanks Vic for the inclusion.

Happy Blanking!

Although fly-fishing is the name of the game, we’re all aware that it isn’t just about catching fish. Sometimes merely the very act of going fishing is enough to lift your spirits. It might be the calming ripple of the stream, a shaft of sunlight to warm (however fleetingly); or maybe just the sheer pleasure of handling a beautifully crafted rod in idyllic circumstances. This latter was definitely the reason for the beatific grin that crept across my face last Saturday morning. The Gouldfish Lemonglass 7’ #3wt is constructed on a modern, unidirectional glass blank in 3 sections, made by CTS in New Zealand to Chris Gould's specification. The range of colours is almost bewildering, but Chris h

Two 10'0 4wt Glass Nymphing Rods for John in Puerto Rico

These are two of our new LemonGlass fiberglass nymphing rods built for John and his wife in preparation for a trip to Yellowstone National Park later this year. These rods were developed to provide the avid European Nymphing enthusiasts to have a rod that meets their demand but offers all of the joys of fishing with new glass. They are exceptionally smooth casting rods with a feel of the faster glass that is in ascendance. The rods have been finished with Perfect agate guides, hand turned ritz grips, lemke reel seat hardware and our trademark Karelian birch inserts.

Meet our new brand ambassador - Corsican Dave

Just over a week ago I was attending the Scottish Fly Fair in Stirling where I met some new fishing minded friends.  A person that stood out from the crowd was Dave Felce, better know to the world as "Corsican Dave", well known as carp on the fly specialist and a huge fan of the new faster fibreglass rods. Corsican Dave has a wealth of experience in mountaineering and all things outdoor including a huge passion for fly fishing.  He is an easy conversationalist and throughout the event I enjoyed our discussions on all things fly and the wonders of glass rods on big fish.  Truth be told a common love of fine wine wasn't a bad backup topic! I had been thinking for some time that I needed to hav

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