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The Gouldfish Car'Poon

This is a very special rod that we have developed in conjunction with our tame fisherman David Felce aka Corsican Dave.  The name comes from two mighty fish that the rod was designed purposely for - Carp on the fly from big lakes and reservoirs in Europe and Tarpon in tropical mangrove swamps.  

Fly-rodding for big fish isn't a matter of luck. Being successful comes down to meticulous planning and careful preparation. And that includes choosing the best gear...


The Gouldfish Car'poon has been purpose built to target the largest wild fish on the planet; without compromise. Put bluntly, it's the finest specimen fly rod money can buy.


From the unique, hand-rolled, New Zealand made custom blank with Turbo-Tip technology, to the highest quality fittings and workmanship, the Car'poon is a serious tool for the serious big fish hunter.


The short length makes it ideal for boat or kayak and gives it enormous power to control huge fish at close quarters; yet it's capable of casting a full line with tight loops and, of course, handling very large flies.