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Brook Trout Themed LemonGlass 8'0 5wt for Ben in New Hampshire

LemonGlass 8'0 5wt Brook Trout

There is a story behind every rod and this is a particularly nice one. A few months ago I was building a 5wt for my personal use that ended up going to Jamie in New Hampshire. Not long afterwards I received an email from Ben who had bumped into Jamie on the New Hampshire river and had the opportunity to try the 5wt and wanted one of his own. The initial discussions on design were based on a simple build with green wraps. We settled on the top middle green colour, red agate guide and some masur birch for the reel seat insert.

Through subsequent emails, Ben mentioned that he was a very keen brook trout fisherman and that it was what the rod would primarily be used for. Taking that as inspiration I decided to play around with a colour scheme that would reflect the brook trout and suggest this as an alternative. After a couple of different variants we found a perfect combination for the wrap which led to the final design. It became clear that the Masur birch was no longer the right wood for the insert so I found a piece of olive wood with a slight orange tint to it and some lovely figuring in it.

Getting to know my clients is a big part of building a rod and allows me to make sure that not only will it be a perfect tool for fishing with but also exceed expectations to match the clients interests and passions. The brook trout 8' 5wt LemonGlass was born!

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