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The Car'Poon 7'9 10wt Close Quarter Combat Fast Glass Powerhouse

Dave Felce, our brand ambassador and I set out on a very specific rod - the ask was a short and powerful rod capable of handling big fish and throwing large flies where space may be limited. We worked closely with CTS to devise a blank which we feel is second to none - We've called it the Car'poon and this is a 10wt Glass Fly Rod that will open your eyes to the amazing capabilities of new glass. There are two base configurations for this:


The Freshwater Car'poon (Flame coloured blank) perfect for urban hunting of large predatory pike or chasing very large carp. Finished with our Perfect Agate guides this rod will become the go to rod when chasing large specimen fish on the fly.

The Saltwater Car'poon (Aqua coloured blank) takes this to the next level for saltwater fly fishing. A fantastic rod for chasing big Tarpon in the mangroves and much more besides. These are finished with corrosion resistant materials including stainless steel and titanium.

Both rods feature an extended foregrip in order to help fighting the big fish and comes with our beautiful hand tailored rod bags. Contact us if you are interested in a unique build for your big fish advetures

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