Carp Flank Abel Madness - Car'Poon #007

It is rare that I get to build a rod purely for myself and usually when I do it is one that is rushed and last minute for a specific trip. This rod is different. When the plan for a marketing trip to Spain to chase large wild carp in Extramadura with Corsican Dave I decided to do it properly. I wanted to showcase the Car'Poon and build something special. First stop was to Abel Reels for a Super 9/10 with the outstanding DeYoung carp flank finish. A very special reel and the wait was excruciating.

When it finally arrived the next challenge was to come up with a guide wrap theme that would match it and do it justice. I settled on the following design which includes the olive, brown, blue and gold colours featured on the reel. It matches beautifully with the agate guide from Perfect Agate guides.

The next challenge was to build a grip that would be equally stunning and resulted in a match of burl cork rings and layers of birch bark to pull together a full set of grips (butt, main and fore) keeping with the theme of the rod and reel. This is the result on the lathe after a single coat of tung oil.

The final result is a showpiece rod that will stand out pride of place at our events as well as making for some fine photos on the upcoming trip. With luck will be accompanied by a number of large carp!

The rod specification is a 7'9" 10wt Car'Poon fast glass fly rod with two matching perfect agate stripping guides and a finished with snake brand running guides. The silk wraps complement the design and the reel seat is from Lemke. This is what custom fiberglass rod building is supposed to look like and I think you'll agree - the result speaks for itself.

If you want your own Car'Poon or other custom fiberglass fly rod then don't hesitate to drop me an email

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