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Meet our new brand ambassador - Corsican Dave

Just over a week ago I was attending the Scottish Fly Fair in Stirling where I met some new fishing minded friends.  A person that stood out from the crowd was Dave Felce, better know to the world as "Corsican Dave", well known as carp on the fly specialist and a huge fan of the new faster fibreglass rods.    

Corsican Dave - Gouldfish Brand Ambassador

Corsican Dave has a wealth of experience in mountaineering and all things outdoor including a huge passion for fly fishing.  He is an easy conversationalist and throughout the event I enjoyed our discussions on all things fly and the wonders of glass rods on big fish.  Truth be told a common love of fine wine wasn't a bad backup topic!

I had been thinking for some time that I needed to have someone to help me in spreading the word about our rods and more importantly in helping me to make them even better.  I don't get the time to fish as much as I would like and when I do the places and results are not always that inspiring. 

In the same way as Top Gear has the Stig, their 'tame racing driver,' Gouldfish is delighted to Corsican Dave has agreed to be our 'tame expert fisherman'.    

I feel that this is great opportunity, glass fly fishing is undergoing a renaissance and at the same time we are seeing fly fishing for carp and pike gaining a wider audience.  Dave gives us a window on that world so that we can develop a range glass rods specifically tailored to those fish in addition to our current range aimed at traditional fly fishing for game fish. 

I'm really looking forward to this adventure, an opportunity to develop and to see our rods showcased by a true gentleman in the world of fly fishing.   Dave’s upcoming blog will feature his exploits with our rods and I look forward to sharing the stories here on this site - so stay tuned!

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