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Our New Car'Poon blanks are in

We have just received a new batch of our CQBW Car'Poon Blanks. Awesome power with finesse. Our 10wt line with happily cast a large pike or saltwater fly to the Horizon but will equally happily let you scale down to a 6wt line and more delicate flies with gentle presentation. The 12wt has been designed along similar lines to provide strength, versatility as well as breathtaking looks. Definitely a rod that will make you smile

Gouldfish Car'Poon 7'9 10wt and 8'3 12wt Fly Blanks

Contact us to build one for you 10wt available in both freshwater and saltwater combinations, the 12wt only available in saltwater configurations with full titanium hardware.


Custom Gouldfish Car'Poon 10wt 7'3" Fly Rod - Freshwater Edition - $825

Custom Gouldfish Car'Poon 10wt 7'3" Fly Rod - Titanium Salt Edition - $950

Custom Gouldfish Car'Poon 12wt 8'3" Fly Rod - Titanium Salt Edition - $1050

Our beautiful Car'Poon blanks - rolled to our specifications by the Awesome Team at CTS.

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