Gran Carparia: why it is

Gran Carparia: why it is

March 25, 2019

Our Brand Ambassador Corsican Dave shares his experience of fly fishing in Gran Canaria while testing the purpose built Gouldfish Car’Poon 10wt glass fly rod. 

a harsh but beautiful landscape

One of 63 Reservoirs on Gran Canaria

it just SCREAMS carp!

who wouldn't want to fish this?

backwash like this is exactly what carp love. approaching them without being seen is another matter.....

the waiting game..... 

 here are at least 16 huge carp in this one bay alone. that's sixteen pairs of eyes, sixteen Weberian apparati..... just one spook and that's your chances ruined for hours. can you feel your pulse racing?

not a small carp. 96cm

who knows where this koi came from? but it's a big one....

amazingly beautiful

hope to see you again sometime!

 another big mirror

this was the smallest carp of the trip. accurately measured at 6.5kg.

 i don't do many 'grip & grins' as i don't think it's fair on the fish when you're on you're own. too much mucking about with the camera.... this one was over 10kg

 the biggest of the trip. over 12kg. magnificent!

 i thought i kinda' deserved this!

 i don't normally do cakes, but this little bakery in a tiny village became a regular haunt in the mornings

it was deservedly popular!

a better quality of graffiti in Gran Canaria!

 one of the many lovely, family-run bar/restaurants you really need to hunt out

so simple, and SO tasty! check out the garlic slices... yum!

you know you've had a good trip when your hands look like this

 just in case you were in any doubt as to the size of these fish.....  ;)

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