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Our New Nymphing Glass Rod, 10'0 4wt Custom Fly Rod

This is the prototype build of our new 10'4 glass fly rod. This has been developed in conjunction with CTS to provide for the wonders of glass on a longer rod with enough rigidity to make it fishable and a pleasure to fish with.

We will be demonstrating this rod at the Scottish Fly Fair in March this year.

This was inspired from a trip last year to Islay, where loch style fly fishing from a boat really benefits from a longer rod. I wanted something that would enable me to do a longer dabble across the top which is a killer technique as well as keeping all of the pleasure of fishing with glass.

This rod would also be equally at home for European nymphing, giving great control and sensitivity over the fly.

These rods are available to custom build for you at a cost of $625, this actual build will be for demonstration at shows and also for me personally - as I have fallen in love with it! The rod features an agate guide from Perfect, Lemke reel seat hardware and a very unique ritz style grip in "brown trout cork".

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