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Nice to hear back from a client

Received a lovely bit of feedback from the owner of LemonGlass #2, the second limited of our initial limited edition run of glass blanks.

"Just a short note to say how much I am enjoying the 4 wt 8' lemonglass rod that you made for me. I am using it with a Cortland Sylk 3 weight line and it casts beautifully. It also works well with a Snowbee 2-5 weight thistledown line when nymphing.I thought the rod was too soft on an initial waggle but as well as casting nicely there is no problem with hook setting and it's very forgiving playing fish."

Although to my mind - a picture paints a thousand words! What a beautiful fish...

Gouldfish LemonGlass 8'0 4wt - Limited Edition #2

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