My new personal rod, hopefully will keep this one long enough to fish with it!

I have built myself 3 personal rods this year and each time have had someone write to me an offer to buy it! This one I hope will stand the test of time. Using our LemonGlass blank from CTS in New Zealand this 8'0 5wt rod is kept simple and practical.

This has been finished my favourite Karelian birch used to make an insert for the Lemke reel seat hardware, snake brand guides and an agate stripping guide from Ernest at Perfect in Poland, simple yellow wraps and a cork grip sized perfectly for a long day fishing.

First test outing was to Chalk Springs fishery in Arundel and found myself easily able to reach the to the other bank with great accuracy. Well powered rod, light and responsive and a pleasure to use...

Happy to build you one the same or to your specs, but hoping I'll keep this specimen for myself!

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