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Gouldfish LemonGlass S2 7'6" 4wt custom fly rod for Jim

A very special build commissioned for Jim by his children for his birthday celebrations. Jim has recently taken up fly fishing in retirement and they thought he'd really enjoy something personalised and specially for him.

The build is on a Gouldfish LemonGlass blank (rolled for us by CTS) and is is an amazingly gentle, but powerful fast fibreglass blank.

The rod has been finished in Apricot silk wraps over Snake Brand guides with an Agate guide from Joe Arguello. The wraps are tipped with black.

The cork grip was hand turned turned to fit Jim's hand from a mixture of marbled and flor grade cork rings.

The reel seat hardware is from Lemke with a beautiful reel seat insert hand turned from a piece of olive wood I had obtained from Bethlehem.

The whole package has been set off with the addition of my favourite Wychwood River and Stream reel and a Shadow Fly fishing 4wt line coloured to match the wraps. Of course the package wouldn't be complete without our signature rod sock (thanks to Mrs Gouldfish) and aluminium rod tube.

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