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"The Blue Elver" - 9'0" 8 Weight Sea Trout Rod

Keeping with the Sea Trout theme one of our customer's favourite flies is the blue elver which is tied using rare vulturine guinea fowl feathers.

For his Rod we used a Batson enterprise IM6 blank which is inexpensive and offers a fairly good alternative to the expensive brands if you take the time to set the rod up right. This rod is 9'0" #8 in beautiful deep blue. In different lights it has an amazing almost 3D look to it.

We built this rod with a full wells handle with integrated fighting butt from cork and the reel seat features a more hi-tech braided metal style which matches it very nicely and will stand up to the rigours of salt water better. We used treated black single foot guides wrapped in dark blue with light blue and blue metallic accent strips.

The highlight of this rod is, however, the featherwork to immitate the Blue elver fly - complete with 'tippet' leader effect... truly stunning.


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