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"Sea Trout Master" - 10'6" #8 weight Split Cane Sea Trout Rod


A beautiful 10'6" split cane Sea Trout rod built for fishing the sea lochs and coast of Scotland. It is matched to an Orvis wide spool reel with 8 weight intermediate line. It features a full wells forward grip and detachable rear fighting butt from cork. The reel seat is mahogany with nickel based fittings.

Wraps on the snake feet guides are in royal purple with end trimmings in metallic black.

First time out the rod was involved in an exciting incident with a large sea trout and certainly proved its worth.

In general for this size of rod we tend to advise our customers to move to lighter weight materials than the traditional bamboo unless they are looking for a real workout! Actually given it's weight it is very well balanced and throws a very nice line.


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