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Individually tailored custom fishing rods using the finest materials


Every rod is custom made through constant consultation with each of my clients.  Everybody's style, physique and fishing needs is different and I work with our clients to help them build the best rod for them.

My custom fishing rods are hand built using the finest materials from leading suppliers and I source each component, whether it be the wood we turn for the reel seat inserts or the agate stripping guides used to finish the rod.  Every detail can be tailored for you in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Building a custom fishing rod is not just about slapping on a few threads in different colours, it is about fitting the rod to our customer, like a tailor fits a suit.


My rods are made to order, although sometimes I do have some 'in stock' items where we have done builds for shows or demonstration which are available.  The time taken to build your custom rod will vary depending on a number of factors and is usually around the 6-8 week mark, although if you are lucky and I have the parts you want in stock then this can be reduced.


If you already have a blank and that you would like us to build on, or a loved antique fly rod that you needs some restoration then we can also help with that, just contact us for a consultation and note "fly rod restoration".


My rods come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and defective parts, the blanks themselves have different warranties depending on the manufacturer.


Send me an email and we will be happy to discuss your needs and desires for one of our amazing custom built fly rods - looking forward to hear from you.

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Gouldfish LemonGlass


We are proud to announce our own range of beautiful S2 Fast Glass fly rods based on blanks made for us to our exacting specifications by CTS in New Zealand.  These are amazing blanks in translucent lemon yellow and are available in a range of configurations.


We have recently developed a unique glass rod aimed at both European Nypmhing as well as Scottish Loch Style fishing.  These 10' 4wt rods are truly unique and offer an opportunity to experience the delicate and accurate nature of glass fishing for a broader set of fishing styles.  

Gouldfish Lemonglass Customr rods are currently available and ready to build:

10'0 4wt Nymph and Loch Style Fly Rod

5'6 0wt Ultralight fly rod

6'6 2wt Ultralight fly rod

7'0 3wt Light fly rod

7'6 4wt S2 Glass Fly Rod

8'0 5wt S2 Glass Fly Rod

8'6 6wt S2 Glass Fly Rod 

9'0 8wt S2 Glass Fly Rod 

8'6 12wt S2 Glass Fly Rod 

New Double Hand Rods

Doublehand 11'6 6wt Glass Fly Rod

Doublehand 12'0 7wt Glass Fly Rod

We have also recently added a travel variant in 9'0 5wt 6pcs.  A gorgeous rod for those who want a pack rod or something to pack discretely on a family holiday or business trip. 

The Gouldfish "Car'Poon"

We have been listening to our clients ​and understanding that there is a big gap in the market for a Fast Glass for close quarter work with big fish, be that Carp, Pike or Saltwater fly fishing from a boat.  We have worked closely with CTS to develop the Gouldfish CarPoon, available as either a 7'9" 10wt or 8'3" 12wt fly rod featuring CTS's Turbo Tip technology.  

These rods are available in a beautiful bright colour finished with titanium fittings for throwing big flies at saltwater gamefish or in a light flame colour finished with agate guides and a choice of nickel or smoked snake brand guides for big carp, pike and more.  Of course we can build your CarPoon to any specification you desire - just drop us a line  and let us know how we can help.



It is almost tempting to ask "why not" when you consider the advantages of a rod built solely for you as opposed to one produced as one of many thousands in a factory.  Our rods are balanced and blueprinted individual to to the customer, grips shaped and sized to match your hand.


From a performance perspective when we build our rods we are able to ensure that all elements are balanced to the blank that we use, not just the standard fixed values on a factory rod.  We are also able to tune the rod to meet our customer's needs, changing the action for example.


Finally there is the aesthetic component - you have total control over how your rod will look and feel.



It is very rare that we have any finished rods in stock, that would be counter to our value proposition!  We build rods for our customers individually.  This is based on a two way dialogue. Any available finished rods will be shown on our order page.


Start the dialogue today and send us an email to chris@gouldfish.com.  We aim to answer all of your questions within 24 hours so if you haven't received a response within 48 hours then something may be wrong and we suggest checking your spam folders!  We look forward to hearing from you

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