8'0 5wt 4pc Gouldfish LemonGlass S2 Fast Glass Custom Fly Rod | gouldfishcustomrods
Our new LemonGlass series of fly rods are built using unidirectional S2 Glass and feature a medium to fast action. The rods are finished in an exquisite translucent lemon yellow.
Probably my own go to rod for stillwater and small rivers, a beautifully balanced and forgiving rod that has the guts to bring big fish under control and still enables me to fish with a light tippet and small to medium flies.  Will throw a bead eyed damsel with ease as well as allowing for delicate presentation of dries.
These rods are finished with beautiful reel seats from Lemke, Struble or REC and include a yellow agate stripping guide.  We hand turn the grips individually from the finest Portuguese Flor grade cork which we import from from a trusted supplier in Portugal.  All of our rods are finished with Japanese silk thread.
Each rod will be hand crafted to your exact specifications including an ergonomically sized grip, your choice of wood (acrylic or metal) for the reel seat insert, agate stripping guide, silk wraps etc.  When ordering please be as specific as possible as to what you are looking for in a rod and we will build something that will be a tool to last you a lifetime.

8'0 5wt 4pc Gouldfish LemonGlass S2 Fast Glass Custom Fly Rod


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