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Gouldfish Glass Fly Rod Blank

Our Gouldfish LemonGlass blanks are rolled from Unidirectional S2 fiberglass and have a medium fast action.  This is nothing quite unlike the glass rods of days gone by, by contrast our rods are about accuracy and precision.  They are full flex rods which give the confidence to use lighter tippets for bigger fish.  Our blanks are rolled for us by CTS in New Zealand.

We also regularly build on blanks from other manufacturers including the legendary Epic glass blanks or the softer more old school E-Glass fiberglass rod blanks from Kabuto.

While glass is our passion, we have built plenty of beautiful rods from bamboo and carbon blanks for our customers who are net yet converts to the magic of modern glass.

Hand Turned Reel Seats

Lemke, REC, Perfection, Struble, American Tackle, Fuji, and many many other options to choose from.  


For our fly seats we also love to turn our own reel seats from beautiful wood and take pride in matching these to the rods that we build.


In reality, the choices are endless so the best way for us to make the right decision for you is to start the dialogue and click the button on the bottom of the page







We prefer to turn our own grips and use a wide variety of materials.  For our fly rods we use only top quality flor grade cork we import directly from portugal.  We have also built some wonderful grips using birch bark and other exotic woods.


For our saltwater and freshwater rods we know that cork is not always the best option and we use a number of foams including hypalon, EVA and other materials.  Again we turn these to meet your needs.


We can also do custom work including checkerboard, diamond and other inserts in different colours to make your rod truly distinctive.


Some would argue that the way the guides are wrapped onto the rod, the colours we choose are the finishing touch to every rod making them distinct in their owner's eyes.  All our fly rods are wrapped with fine Japanese silk. 


We use guides from different materials including beautiful agate ringed guides on our delicate fly rods to match the performance and style of the rod you are looking for.  


What seems like a simple choice can often impact not only the aesthetics but also the way the rod behaves, so it should never be overlooked.


We are also able to offer cross wraps and decorational wraps, feather work and other options to further personalise your rod!

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