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Split Tonkin Cane Bamboo Fly Rods

Once considered relics doomed by modern materials, bamboo fly rods are enjoying a renaissance. Fishing with split cane reaffirms fly fishing's genteel underpinnings as it recalls the romance, folklore, and literature of the sport.

Tonkin Bamboo Culms
Bamboo Fly Rod
Tonkin Split Cane Fly Rod
Tonkin Bamboo


Tonkin bamboo culms are the preferred choice, and hence our choice, for our bamboo fly rods. It is a thck walled bamboo species native to china is ideally suited to building cane rods.


The blanks for our rods are all meticulously hand made and represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship for fly rods.  We build to vintage tapers because we believe that our split cane customers are yearning for the romance of the past and these rods are beautiful tribute to the a more gentle time!

The Finish


Our split cane fly rods are finished with the highest quality materials and all feature agate lined stripping guides which set these off like a jewel in a crown.  All wraps are done with the finest Japanese silk and finsihed with Yacht Spar varnish for longevity.  


Our grips and reel seats are hand turned from the finest materials and usually are of the cap and ring ro sliding ring variety as is traditional for bamboo rods.

Prices and specifications


Each of these rods is a handbuilt masterpiece which takes many months of effort to finish for our clients and this is reflected in the price of our split cane rods.  Prices for a finished rod start at $1,100 and all rods include an aluminum rod tube and hand sewn rod sock to match.


If you are interested in your own hand crafted masterpiece please write to us and we let's talk about what we can build for you.

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